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Not Ordinary Events, Designed to the State of the Art

Tailored Events

Design, Production & Direction

"In Case of...



Since 2008, we have left all our customers speechless.


It does not matter whether it is a wedding, a private event or a corporate event.

Our devotion to the event will be total.


Every event represents for us a challenge that we face every day with passion, professionalism and creativity.


These are the ingredients for a refined and never expected event.


We will create your event with the awareness that in the details lives a magical alchemy capable of giving you an authentic poetry.


Even if for a day, let's go back to being children and let ourselves be fascinated with enthusiasm by the pure pleasure of having fun together.

Moments of poetry, elegance and charm

Our Expertise


Customer wishes & budget

We plan and design all our events, without ever neglecting the client's wishes and budget


Planning & Design

Two terms with a profoundly different meaning, which through the artistic experience of our entire team, will be combined with the state of the art, with the sole aim of leaving our customers, and their guests, speechless.


Artistic direction

Our entire team will be deeply involved in the entire artistic and logistical direction of your event, both in the preliminary set-up phase and during the event in every precious phase. We will supervise each supplier involved like the direction of an orchestra that in unison will "play an unforgettable symphony".

Get inspired by our designs and see how we make dreams come true

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Let’s Start Planning the Best Day of Your Life

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